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Zain Group is a health and beauty services company that originated from a distinguished medical family that has been working in the health field for more than 40 years to provide medical and cosmetic services in the best possible way and deliver them to all parts of the world. The company was founded by Dr. Ehab Al-Arian (gynecology and tube baby specialist), Dr. Iyad Al-Arian (hematologist), Dr. Iyas Al-Arian (cosmetologist), Dr. Nasser Al-Arian (orthopedic specialist), Dr. Jamal Al-Arian (Neurologist).
Zain Medical Services has succeeded in achieving a qualitative leap in all its specialties, as it has worked to provide the best services at reasonable prices and high quality through the best medical and service cadres in the best hospitals and health centers, and our services continue after surgical operations through continuous follow-up with customers after receiving treatment or Carrying out the operation, to ensure their safety and to provide the necessary advice and support.

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